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    Mob:18938026118 唐先生




    當前產品:車載云臺 >> 車載HID氙氣燈變速云臺(1000M)


    • 產品說明
    一體化智能HID氙氣燈變速云臺,左右旋轉范圍:360°連續旋轉,左右速度:0.5°~180°/秒,上下旋轉范圍:+90°~-90°,上下速度:0.5°~80°/秒,通訊:RS485,預置位128個,左右線掃開/關,巡視軌跡6條,30秒自學習功能,自動守望功能,2400~19200波特率PELCO-D,P多協議控制。電源輸入: DC12V約55W,工作溫度:-45℃~+50℃,內置恒溫、除霜裝置,HID白光源,功率:35W,角度:6°~15°定焦,照射距離:夜間500米,晝間1000米,防水等級IP66

    Brightest light , most advanced light source HID gas light lamp in the present world ,the lighting effect of 12V35W tube can maximum up to140Lm/W, life can reach to 5000 hours ,the intensity of shining light up to 2000Lm.
    Promising the shunning light within 200meter distance ,still can see the face clearly
    Lamp cup adopt aluminium alloy Embossed spotlight cup , light head adopt material,which resist high temperature and high pressure and art . Promise the effect is best in the strong light and high temperature working environment.
    Research and develop the HID driver independently, which reach to each international performance index.
    Setting decoder inside,concentrate on various communication protocol,camera protocol , and communication baud rate can adjust within 2400~19200,through inner ample typing , can with various usual system together ,universal feature is very strong
    Low speed moving balance,lowest noise , quite picture
    Achieve omnibearing of no blind spots . Accurate position can reach 0.1
    The product is high-tech with mil-image Shift Yuntai, HID light,which integrated with Multifunctional decoder ,maximum limitation to decrease among the parts of system,improving the dependability of system, and convenient for the installation and maintenance ,have advantages with beautiful surface,compact,easy to operate ect
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